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Product Description Version Exe MSI Zip Manual
AD Bulk Users Import and Update Active Directory Users 5.0 Download Download PDF
AD Bulk Contacts Import and Update AD Contacts 3.2 Download Download Download
AD Bulk Export Export from Active Directory 4.0 Download Download Download PDF
AD Find and Replace Active Directory Find and Replace 1.9 Download Download Download
True Last Logon Active Directory Reporting 3.0 Download Download Download PDF
AD Photos Import photos into Active Directory 2.0 Download Download Download  www
AD Self Update Active Directory Self Update 2.2 Download Download PDF
AD Phonebook Active Directory Phone Directory 3.0 Download Download PDF
AD Self Password Reset Allow users to reset their own password 3.0  Download Download PDF
FSMO Roles List which server have the FSMO Roles 1.0  Download

System Requirements

Note: AD Phonebook requires .Net 4.0, ensure the .Net Framework setting in application pool being used is set to v4.0.

Note: AD Bulk Users requires .Net 4.0 and PowerShell 3.0 (part of the Windows Management Framework 3.0).

Note: Windows 8 and 2012 Server include PS 3 by default.

The other programs above require .Net 3.5.

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