Active Directory Self-Service Password Reset

AD Self Password Reset

AD Self Password Reset is a simple self-service solution that enables your users to reset their forgotten passwords and unlock their accounts.

Resetting passwords and unlocking user accounts is a time consuming task for most help desks. AD Self Password Reset allows your users to reset their password securely and easily. This will free up your help desk to spend time on more worthwhile work.

  • Save a substantial amount of help desk time.
  • Users can reset their own password
  • Users can unlock their own account
  • Users can change their password
  • New help desk feature allows privileged users such as teachers to reset other users (i.e. students) passwords.
  • Reminds your users their password is due to expire, reducing the chance of a forgotten password
  • Enforce your domain password policies
  • Fully customizable, change the text, colours and add your logo.
  • Exclude selected users/groups from using the program
  • Disable features you don’t want to use
  • Works on mobile devices
  • Google ReCaptcha built-in

New Privileged Users Feature

Some customers especially in education don’t want their users to reset their own passwords. The new Privileged Users feature lets you specify a group(s) of privileged users (i.e. Tutors) that can reset passwords for another group of users (i.e. Students), the privileged user first needs to authenticate themselves before they can change the users password, all details are logged by default. The privileged user can only change the password of a user that is a member of the managed group.

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HelpdeskOptionEnabled authenticate enrolquestions enrolled
PasswordResetQuestions AnsweringQuestions PasswordChanged ReCaptcha Example
ChangePassword ConfigConnection ConfigSettings ConfigEmail
ConfigExpiryNotification ConfigReminders ConfigUserLockout ConfigHistory
ConfigPrivilegedUsers ConfigInterface ConfigExcludedUsers ConfigCaptcha
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Product Name Description Price
AD Self Password Reset – Site License – Education Education/Non Profit Offer $799 Buy Now
AD Self Password Reset – Multiple Site License – Education Education/Non Profit Offer $999 Buy Now
AD Self Password Reset – Site License Commercial $1299 Buy Now
AD Self Password Reset – Multiple Site License Commercial $1499 Buy Now

Purchasing using a Credit Card
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Purchasing using a Purchase Order
We do accept purchase orders via fax or email, you can email your PO to or send it via fax to 01457 778101 (011 44 1457 778101 from the US).

The license is perpetual. A perpetual license allows the customer to use the licensed software indefinitely.

Sofware Maintanance
When purchasing a license the first year maintenance is included (all updates and support). Extra years maintenance is optional. Please note to receive updates and support maintenance is required.

Download AD Self Password Reset Now

System Requirements

Active Directory
Works with all versions of Active Directory including Windows 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and 2012 R2.

Mail Server
The password expiry notifications require an SMTP server, this can be Exchange or any internal or external SMTP (i.e. GMail).

Internet Information Server (IIS)

  • IIS 6, 7 or 8 is supported.
  • ASP.NET must be enabled
  • .Net 4.0 installed

Set the Application Pool to use 32-Bit and the Network Service account. To improve performance set the Idle-Time-out to 0 (zero minutes), this will keep the program in memory ensuring it loads quickly for all users.

By default the program uses Microsoft SQL Compact 4.0 which is installed by default. You can use your own SQL server should you need to. This can be changed in the Config program.

Windows Updates
Please ensure the server where you are installing the program has all recommended and security updates installed.

Download AD Self Password Reset Now