Active Directory Tools, AD Toolset Bundle

The AD Toolset is a collection of six programs for simpler, faster Active Directory management

Offer: Save over 60%, receive all 6 incredibly programs for the price of two. Starting at $199 USD

AD Bulk Users

AD Bulk Users makes importing and modifying large numbers of Active Directory Users easy.

True Last Logon

Clean up your Active Directory by easily identifying unused or obsolete user and computer accounts by identifying their true last logon time.

AD Bulk Export

A simple to use Active Directory Export tool. Export from Active Directory easily and in bulk. Export Active Directory data on Users, Contacts, Groups and Computer objects.

AD Bulk Contacts

AD Bulk Contacts makes importing and modifying large numbers of Active Directory Contacts easy.

AD Find and Replace

Find and Replace for Active Directory, AD Find and Replace is designed to perform the familiar find and replace operation with Microsoft’s Active Directory.

AD Photos

Store users photos in Active Directory, import photos in bulk using AD Photos.

Browser based programs

The programs below are not included with the AD Toolset, if you are interested in purchasing both the AD Toolset and a browser based program please contact us for a discount.

AD Phonebook

Web based Active Directory based phone book, when used with AD Self Update you can create a self managed company wide directory.

AD Self Update

Allow users to update their own contact information, extendable Active Directory self update.

AD Self Password Reset

Reduce help desk work load, AD Password Reset is a web based product which allows users to reset their forgotten passwords or unlock their account.