The AD Toolset Bundle for Active Directory is 7 incredibly useful programs that will make your job easier. The AD Toolset has been described as a must-have collection of Active Directory management tools. Seven awesome tools in one complete and affordable bundle.

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The AD Toolset includes the programs listed below. These useful tools allow you to perform those repetitive tasks easily, in bulk. Easily and effectively manage and your Active Directory network.

AD Bulk Users – Import, edit and delete your Active Directory Users.
AD Bulk Contacts – Import, edit and delete your Active Directory Contacts.
AD Bulk Export – Export Active Directory Users, Contacts, and Computers.
AD Find and Replace – Find and replace for Active Directory.
True Last Logon – Locate old and redundant accounts, built-in scheduler.
AD Photos – Import and update Active Directory photos used by Exchange and Outlook.
AD Account Lockout – Locate locked out user accounts quickly.

Active Directory Bulk User Import

AD Bulk Users for Active Directory is a time saving tool for importing and updating Active Directory users.

You can automate the import and update of users, create Exchange mailboxes and home folders quickly and easily.

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Active Directory Bulk Contact Import

AD Bulk Contacts is designed to make importing and modifying large numbers of Active Directory Contacts as quick and as easy as possible.

Command line options mean the process can be automated if need be. A large number of attributes can be set including Exchange, Group Membership, and many more. Import from CSV or MS SQL.

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Active Directory Last Logon

With True Last Logon you can clean up Active Directory by identifying unused and redundant user and computer accounts based on the last logon time and account status stored in Active Directory.

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Active Directory Find and Replace

AD Find and Replace is a utility designed to simplify modifying Active Directory objects in bulk.

Perform the familiar find and replace operations against Microsoft’s Active Directory attributes. It offers a Graphical User Interface to help make the process as quick and as easy as possible.

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Active Directory Export

AD Bulk Export is easy to use yet powerful export tool for Active Directory that allows you to export as much information as you require relating to your Users, Contacts, Groups and Computer objects. Microsoft Exchange attributes can also be exported.

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