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“I would like to say a word about your product. It’s an excellent tool. It saved my time a lot during the beginning of the academic to create the new AD account as well as the email account and clear the leavers. Great Job !!!!!”
Lincy Rainald, School Database & Network Administrator, 16th February 2017ACS International Singapore
“Although a user of ADBulkUsers (and some of the other tools) for some time now, I have only just harnessed the power of the scheduler part of the system. Previously I thought the software was superb, but this feature takes it to another level, saving us even more time than before. The support we got from Dovestones in setting this up was fantastic and it is now working like a dream.”
David Lee, Director of IT Infrastructure and Development, 23rd November 2015Nexus International School (Singapore)
“Thank you for fantastic support!”
Rune Oksnes, Chief Engineer, 9th November 2015Norwegian Coastal Administration
“Its working great!! Love it has saved me hours of work!!”
Armand Brockhoff, 9th September 2015Lloydminster Catholic School Division
“We are totally pleased with the product, it has been a real life saver in that it saves uncountable number of hours of input….”
Marcel Contant, 27th February 2015Consultant, Services Multimedias
Thanks for the speedy responses. The Export ran flawlessly
Brian Humphrey, 21st January 2015Technology Services Manager, Highland Park Board of Education
Work perfectly, thanks! Great product. Keep up the good work.
Jim Shaffer, 3rd September 2014St Pius X Church and School
I have been a very happy AD Bulk Export user for some years, and I love it. It is truly the best AD analysis tool I’ve ever used. So much easier than products like….
Chris Faithfull-Lisle, 29th September 2014IT Project Manager, Sick AG
I have used your products for years and think they are outstanding in quality and price. I have convinced my new company to that and will continue to be a spokesperson for your AD tool set.
Ray Bauer, 15th September 2014West Monroe Partners,
Just to let you know everyone is really loving your product [AD Phonebook], it was easy to set-up, and internal calls to our switchboard are already down about 25%-that makes my boss and the COO very happy.
Joe Koselke, 16th July 2014Indiana University Health
Your software is working great for us!
Paul Nelson, 1st May 2014Systems Specialist, North Carolina State Highway Patrol
Thanks for super support and for a super product
Trond Kråkenes, 24th April
Great product. Makes my job much easier.
Michael Burks, 25th April 2014Blue Ridge Unified School District
Btw, this software is awesome! And well worth the purchase!! My testing of it so far is great. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Marc Harris, 31st May 2013Sr. Infrastructure Analyst
I am very happy with your software, have just used the import tool after spending 3 days trying to understand power shell. Was very easy to use and will come in handy for sure!
St Margaret’s College, 26th March 2014Christchurch, NZ
thank you for making such a great tool, your bulk import tool was far better than the others I looked at.
Cory Wallace, 8th March 2013
Your product saved me quite a few hours of work yesterday…thanks!
Bob Osborne, 24th May 2013Network Systems, Ohio Industrial Commission
Your product AD Bulk Users is awesome. I’ve been real impressed with this software. This will save us a ton of time when we create multiple user accounts at the beginning of each school year. Up to this point our Active Directory User Account person has spent many hours adding user accounts manually. We finally found a program that can automate this for us.The program interface is very user friendly and easy to use. We also purchased the AD Bulk Export and we have used the True Last Logon product for years. Thanks for these great products.
Bob Moffitt, 11th April 2013Brooks School
I really appreciate your software as it simplifies a plethora of things for me. The interfaces are simple to learn, use and versatile.
Jeff Burklin, 4th March 2013Director of Information Technology, Lake County Sheriff’s Office
And by the way, your software is great, and easy to work with… it’s a great help for me handling our AD.
Henrik Leon Andersen, 15th February 2013 IT-Tekniker, Lemvigh-Müller
I have to say your products are really great for what I do since everything in our system is heavy active directory and when migrating large chunks of users to different systems your products have really made my job very simple and relaxing.
Nick Giacchina, 4th March 2013Total Cloud Hosting
Thanks for a top piece of software, just wish I paid for it instead of messing around with a ds query of the whole AD network (2500 records) and then formatting the excel spreadsheet for 3 hours (between two of us).

Just done the same thing and it took 5 minutes from start to finish.

Rob Betts, 13th November 2012BoBeB Technologies Ltd
Love the software… Have used the free eval for a couple of years, just wish I had bought it sooner. I am very impressed, for us to run dump sec takes over 24 hours. I can run True Last Logon against all our domain controllers in less than an hour. I have been using it today in preparation for our SOX audit. You will not believe how much of a difference it makes for me.
Henrik H, 7th September 2012
The tools are invaluable. Thanks for a great product.
Roy Urick, 6th August 2012Koorsen Fire & Security
Thank YOU. The tool saved me hours and worked flawlessly.
Chris Burnum, 1st August 2012One Network, Inc
Just tried AD Bulk Users on a small import of 52 users and all went well. It will save us much time when we import the rest of the faculty. Thanks for a great product.
Dennis Felver, 1st June 2012MSDSC
Thank you so much! This application saved my life; I’ve used it to import over 2000 users and create mailboxes!
Mert Can Yalhi, 29th May 2012Software Engineer, Argate Software Development Inc
After having used it (True Last Logon) for a few days already, I must tell you that it has been a great aid throughout my Sarbanes Oxley audit. Great work!
Alex Cavazos, 30th November 2011IT Manager, TGA Insurance Managers
I’ve only really got good things to say for your software, as I said the apps have saved me no end of time, especially when it comes to my SharePoint development, it has been really handy!
Gareth Abramczyk, 14th November 2011IT Officer, Taff Housing Association
..your products are saving my behind over and over again. Thanks so much for your hard work and very fair pricing!
Chris Ott, 4th November 2011State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO)
Thank you for your outstanding customer service and support. During the last 2 years, I have been using your tools to identify locked accounts, produce reports for SOX and SAS70 compliance, create bulk accounts and groups, identify AD problem accounts and your company even created a custom feature for me to be used by the HR admins (to load photos and change certain fields visible for users in Outlook). Thanks again!
Ramses Murillo, 18th October 2011Security Administrator, The Greenbrier Companies Inc
AD Bulk Export is a SOX reporting exporting dream come true!! …it really is a great tool for exporting pretty much everything from AD with no real thought on the part of the user. I knew it was all in there but getting it out was way more work before I found this tool
Joel Pacheco, 4th October 2011Dynisco
Many thanks for all your support. It is a fantastic product and it is already saving us loads of time.
Gavin Jarratt, 8th September 2011Network Manager, Perins School
Kudos to all that is involved in this project and thank you! Im a big fan and happy to support and recommend it.
Nick Anastos, 5th August 2011Systems Administrator, The Dwight School
I purchased your product yesterday to assist me in populating a new domain with about a 800 user accounts. I just wanted to let you know how much this software saved me in time and effort. I’m impressed and would recommend your product to anyone needing to import users into AD.
Jack Glunt, 4th August 2011Network Specialist, Liberty County School District
I have already used it for two of my school clients and it works great!! A HUGE time saver!!
Kurt Crutti, 31st July 2011Data Integrity
AD Bulk Users works great, so quick and simple..
Andrew Killa, 20th May 2011Network Manager, Ysgol Greenhill School
Support has been second to none!
Michelle Dorman, 26th July 2011IT Support, Harris Academy Bermondsey
I have been using the AD Bulk Users tool and with your help, it has been a life saver. I had to redo the display names of 350 users and update the information on three departments and this has made that job infinitely easier. Using Excel formulas and AD Bulk Users, I am able to keep up with daily user account provisioning tasks with fewer errors and at a faster rate than when I was doing them by hand. With all of the unrelated projects I am working on right now, this is a life saver!
Joshua Dunkeson, 16th February 2011Windows System Administrator, Texarkana College
324 students took about 3 minutes to do, justifying the cost of the software alone in man-hours saved. Excellent product, I shall be recommending it to others in the field.
George Maxfield, 3rd December 2010IT Administrator, Cambridge International College
Best thing we have found to disable and move stale AD user and computer accounts on a massive scale.
John Cahill, 3rd December 2010Enterprise Security, Piedmont Natural Gas
Thank you so much for providing such great utilities. We’ve been doing a bunch of e-mail migrations from GroupWise to Exchange for our school districts and the tool has proved invaluable to us time and time again.
Timothy Tracy, 29th November 2010Senior Systems Administrator, NEOnet
Jason Cooper, Seneca Valley School District, 17th November 2010
Jason Cooper, 17th November 2010Seneca Valley School District
Your software works great, we are very pleased, and it has already proven to be a big help
Robert Jankus , 2nd September 2010Director Information Technology, Richmond County School System
I had used your software at my last job, and it is now on my “must-have” list! Excellent set of programs.
Jim Perry, 5th August 2010Security Manager, Alabama Housing Finance Authority
We were able to make the changes to 14,000 plus accounts seamlessly…thanks again.
John Light, 8th July 2010Senior Network Engineer, Forward Edge
This product easily saved me 8 hours – I had to migrate 208 users, this product made it take about 20 minutes! VERY awesome product.
Jon Norwood, 8th September 2010CSO, LesConcierges Inc
Today I created 1000+ student logins in about 15 minutes! I had time to get all the other parts of my job done and now I can go home and not think about work!
Jim Meyer, District, 31st August 2010Network Administrator, Peshtigo School
Thank you so much for all your help, I’ve just tested it and it works perfectly. What a wonderful tool.
Chris Green, 31st July 2010IT Manager, The Westgate School
Your products are great and have saved us a lot of time this year.
Michele Gioffredo, 30th June 2010Account Manager,Bailey Communications Inc
Again your customer service is extraordinary. Best money spent by Forward Edge every year is the money we spend with Dovestones Software.
John Light, 11th June 2010Senior Network Engineer, Forward Edge
Your software has been a godsend to us. Your software saved us well over a hundred man hours during our Email outsourcing project. We have used the software to create contacts for all current students, forward email from our internal email system to their new LiveMail accounts and to create new, mail-enabled, domain accounts (with an external Email address only), for our new incoming students. Thanks so much for your help.
Steve Magriby, 18th May 2010The University of Tampa
The software works great, got it installed and running very quickly.
John Locke, 9th May 2010Director Information Technology & CIO, Northwest Territories Power Corporation
Best AD software I’ve ever used! These tools were invaluable in a Novell to AD migration of 2,500+ staff members, not just for logins, but also for GroupWise to Exchange. In addition to that we use this software to import 22,000+ and growing students into AD at the beginning of every school year. Thanks for making my job easier.
Ron Timmons, 26th February 2010Network Administrator, Ascension Parish School Board
Just to let you know I used the software yesterday to import 700 users and it was all done in 5 minutes, excellent software and very easy to use.
Mark Spiteri, 29th January 2010Systems Engineer, CRC Networks Pty Ltd
I know you hear this all the time, but your AD Bulk Users tool is such a time saver in so many ways. As stated after this email I just converted an entire organizations Roaming Profile and Home Directory paths in less than two minutes. That was over 250 users accounts. Thanks again!
Systems Engineer, 10th January 2010Norton Lamb & Company
AD Bulk Users is a great program and time saver! Thanks again for the support.
Gord Denholm, 4th December 2009Network Engineering Technologies
Please relay my thanks to your developers for this wonderful set of AD Tools. My dealings with AD bulk operations have been much easier with the help of your tools.
Victor Fayed, 14th August 2009Sr. Systems Engineer, Meredith College
I have to say that your products work and make my life much easier.
Cody Bengel, 15th July 2009Network Technician, Jenks Public Schools
You guys have a great product and I was pleasantly surprised with the prompt response for your support as well.
Adam Krause, 15th May 2009Senior LAN Administrator, Charter Manufacturing Co
I was able to successfully import all the student accounts flawlessly. Great product!
Ben Fong, 24th August 2009Infrastructure Consultant, Moyo Group
I just started a new job and can’t live without your software.
Michael Canup, 17th July 2009Operations Manager, Visiting Nurse Health System
Worked Perfectly! Best 99 bucks Ive spent in a long time.
Marc Liebowitz, 22nd June 2009Princeton Friends School
Thank you so much. This is a really good service that I have never had. I can’t tell that how great this program is and how much time has been saved so far since I have it to complete my AD admin job. Great Work and good tech service. Please keep up! I will certainly recommend it to friends of mine who are in the same field. Once again, thank you for taking care of this. Really appreciate it. I am glad that I have purchased it.
Paul Chen, 15th May 2009Director Infrastructure, GAIN Capital
Worked great, this is a very valuable tool thank you.
Chris Lloyd, 5th March 2009Network Administrator, State of California
Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and tips. I installed the latest release of the AD Toolset, setup a csv file to modify the user accounts, ran your program and it took 5 seconds to make the changes to all 234 accounts! Very nice, indeed!
Dave Westerveld, 17th February 2009Atwood Heights School District
I am very impressed with the application and with the support you provided. Thank you very much.
Maher Yousef Abu Al-Khair, 15th February 2009IT Analyst, International Energy Forum
Thanks again for some of the most useful management software we’ve purchased!!
Paul Williamson, 5th February 2009ICT Manager, Huntingtower School
True Last Logon rocks! This is a major help in cleaning up old accounts….what I love about these tools is they allow me to analyze everything in Active Directory and help keep our domain accounts current.
Michael Ward, 29th January 2009Director of Information Services, Anderson Hospital
I use the tools almost every day and love them…Thanks again for the great tools.
Tom Cody, 25th November 2008Director – Enterprise Infrastructure, Western Refining Inc
I really love the tool…best one I have seen pertaining to updating AD attributes…this tool needs to be in the hands of more admins that work heavy with AD attributes.
Brad Hollihan, 5th November 2008Secure-24
Good grief – that is simply a STAGGERINGLY quick response. I was pleased enough with this great product before, but this is just unfeasibly quick support. I am literally stunned… I can’t thank you enough and can’t for the life of me think why I ever messed about with DSADD, CSVDE etc. Your product is excellent, your support better still – you can probably work out how much time you’ve saved me from my gushing response.
Ian Burnell, 1st October 2008IT Officer, St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford
I tried several utilities to manage adding accounts for our new pupils at the school and yours was by far the best. It allows me to set every option I need and several others I didn’t even realize I needed. This product is well, well worth the money and has bailed me out time and time again.
Alex Heighton, 16th September 2008Network Manager, Bushloe High School
Thank you so much for your time and your help. I love your products… I just imported 6500 student accounts and created their 6500 student folders on 11 different servers in one pass. Very nice.
SeanNetwork Administrator, Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District
I must say this is the best bit of software I have ever purchased!
Notley High School